Ryan Becknell

  • BS Health Promotion,

          College of Charleston

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine   
    • Certified Personal Trainer
    • Performance Enhancement Specialist
    • Golf Fitness Specialist
    • Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Since graduating from the College of Charleston in 2005, Megan has been guiding individuals to their own path of health and fitness. Megan believes in training as a lifestyle through strength, endurance, power, flexibility and mobility, and finding balance in these areas of fitness. Her programs are tailored toward an individual's goals and needs; her passion is helping clients find happiness through health and fitness.

To schedule time with Megan, call her at (843) 568-6506, or by email: megan@premierfit.net


Megan Bonomini

  • BS Exercise Science, College of Charleston
  • Exercise Physiologist, American College of Sports Medicine
  • Russian Kettle Bell Coach
  • MovNat Certified
  • CHEK Exercise Coach
  • CHEK Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach 2​


Since 2000, John has been helping clients to incorporate regular exercise and clean, healthy eating into their busy schedules. Believing that fitness and nutrition are one's best defenses against disease, pain and injury, his passion has always been to help people achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As well as assisting clients with their immediate goals, John also considers the aging process and the long-term results of current efforts: Strength, balance, stress management, and mental focus all play a part in encouraging  the body to age healthily and pain-free. In 2010, he opened Premier Fitness, where he welcomes clients of all ages who pursue healthy, active lives.

​Schedule an appointment with John by contacting him at (843) 345-1830 or by email: john@premierfit.net

Ryan strives for total wellness with every client. His coaching focuses on fitness, nutrition, stress management and recovery. Your journey will be defined by the nuances of each category that need improvement. Success at any ability level is possible with Ryan. His synergy with physical therapists allow clients to progress with acute corrective exercise. His years of experience in performance enhancement will boost the skill set of any athlete. The days of asking the jock for gym tips are long gone. Enjoy an approachable, balanced experience that will develop positive habits for life. Be well.

Meet with Ryan to review your goals by emailing him: ryan@premierfit.net

​​David Drake has been personal training since 1996. In 2000, David was named Charleston's Best Personal Trainer by The City Paper. As a StrongFirst Kettlebell Level One Instructor and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, David strives to optimize the full mental, physical and nutritional potential of each client. His focus on holistic healing and wellness allows each client to explore and choose his or her own unique path to reaching their fitness goals David's vision is to help his clients to shift beyond fitness and develop solid functional movement and strength. 

Contact David for a consultation by calling him at (843) 817-5420.

Read David's blog: www.shiftbeyondfitness.com


John Pierson

  • BS Exercise Science,

          College of Charleston

  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Personal Trainer, International Sports Science Association
  • Owner, Premier Health and Fitness, LLC

David Drake

  • BS Health and Exercise Science, 

​​          Furman University

  • Strong First Kettle Bell Strength Coach

Jessica Maria Lewis

  • Strong First Kettle Bell Strength Coach
  •   World Institute Life and Wellness Coach
  •   AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
  •   YogaVerse Certified Childrens Yoga    


Dedicated to the health and betterment of the Charleston community for over 15 years, Jessica recognizes the power of movement and nutrition as a means to developing strength, resilience, endurance and flexibility - not only in our bodies, but also our minds. Jessica is always searching for ways to gain optimal energy while balancing life's demands: Whole foods nutrition, mindful eating, prioritizing both movement and rest, and having a plan for stress management are just some of the tools Jessica uses to help guide her clients toward their goals. 

Discuss your health and fitness goals with Jessica by contacting her at (843) 557-2519, or send her an email: jessica@premierfit.net